Friday, December 25, 2009

What WHAT?!?! Snonami for Christmas!!!!

Not really a 'snonami', but it was plenty enough snowfall for the girls, who have now been outside more than they've been inside today. They're kind of cracking me up ... they act exactly like us kids used to when we were little, and would go out until our cheeks, hands, feet, and boogars froze ... then run inside to warm up for awhile ... then back outside to start the process all over again. Although I have no idea if their boogars are actually freezing. Do dogs even have boogars?

Apparently I like the word 'boogars' today.

This picture was taken after they'd been racing around like maniacs the first time they went out this morning (I've lost count of how many times they've come in/gone out since). Yep, they pretty much covered every inch of the dog run 'investigating' in about five minutes.

They think Santa brought the snow just for them!

We were using the basement door to get in and out all morning because the snow drifted a foot or so up the sliding glass doors that lead from the kitchen out to the deck. After what seemed like our nine hundredth trip downstairs to go in or out, I finally shoveled a path out the kitchen door and across the deck.

I planned ahead and filled four of the bird feeders with seed last night ... today I have a wealth of winged visitors! Two (TWO!) each of both male and female Cardinals, and two Blue Jays ... their colors just pop with the Winter white background. Plus all my little Sparrow 'regulars'. The cats and I have been plastered to the living room windows watching them.

I love snow at Christmas.

Let not mankind bogart love"
-Willie Nelson

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