Friday, December 25, 2009

Combo Not Meant to Exist in Nature

Oh, and last night? Yeah … finally figured out why I really dislike the taste of my nightly Airborne concoction; I don’t think it was designed to be taken immediately following the brushing of the teeth.

Because I’m preeeetty sure that lemony/limey/minty-fresh ‘goodness’ is not exactly a flavor combination meant to exist in nature.


I’m normally not this slow on the uptake; it’s just that my bedtime routine has become, well, routine …. and then I went and inserted my Winter Airborne ritual into the wrong slot:

  1. Slather Noxema all over entire face
  2. Wash Noxema off
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Pop into the jammies
  5. Guzzle glass of Airborne (gag for a minute)
  6. Sulfurize face (ugh … my prescription for that ‘adult acne’ we grownups like to classify as ‘rosacea’ so we don’t feel like greasy-faced teens; and yes, it smells just like you’d think sulfur would … on my face … sigh)

Any who … I believe I may change up the batting order here … may discover I actually like Airborne if I move it to step numero uno.

You don’t know!

Could happen!

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