Friday, October 16, 2009

Was That a Piece of My Lung?

Or, the week in review:

Dude, we are so totally supposed to be going to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs Sunday ... which we've already had to put off three times ... but the lung I just hacked up from out of the blue may well put the kibosh on any field trippage this weekend (and of course this is the last weekend).

It's been the week from just-to-the-left-of-aitch-eee-double-toothpick, what with five (FIVE!) simultaneous audits at work, and people dropping like flies due to the precursor to H1N1 (none of us want anyone there who may be a disease-spreader, thankyouverymuch). My boss is way cool in that he doesn't want to get sick either, so doesn't have that mentality where you need to come to work even though it's obvious you're contageous and need to get OUT OF MY GENERAL VICINITY.

Remember that peanut butter salmonella poisoning earlier this year? Yeah, well one of our auditors was an auditor at that plant, and has come under pretty heavy and steady fire for not nipping that issue in the bud. So, needless to say they've become much more strict in their requirements, which has had us on our collective toes.

Then, since our guys have been asking for a coffee machine in the main breakroom, we got together with the vending company and ran a water line out and they brought in a hot beverage vending machine ... but in the process removed some microwaves that they then had to bring back later in the day (you haven't seen ticked off workers until there aren't enough microwave ovens at lunch).

Anyway, in their haste to correct the situation, the vending company guys broke one of the big windows in the breakrooom (their hand dolly just tipped right back into and through it).

The poor guy was so down about it, it was painful to watch (when I discovered he'll have to pay for the replacement out-of-pocket I completely understood his dismay ... but isn't that sort of thing what insurance is for?). Anyway, he ran right out and got plywood and double-secured it, and I have a couple glass companies coming out to bid on the replacement.

I called and e-mailed seven different local businesses, and none could get out today. I think its great they're that busy, but sucks when I need a window replaced. Anyway, none of the five I got from the yellow pages could do a darn thing, but one of them referred me to two local glass businesses that I hadn't found on my own, and they ended up being the two that are sending people out.

Which just goes to show you that word of mouth is best. Period.

Yesterday was my day to get new steel-toed boots. I got Doc Martens. They're freaking awesome. I love them. They've already given me blisters on my heels. Still love them. Just kind of wish I got them a month or so ago, so they'd have been broken in already, you know?

Also, apparently I walk like I'm wearing heels, all the time, even when I'm not. Which means I swing my ass. My ample ass. And some of the guys have noticed. And mentioned it to some of tha gals. Who told me. In an office full of people. Yesterday.

So now I'm all paranoid walking around the plant.

Never in my life has anyone ever mentioned how I walk, for crying out loud!

Still. Just a little bit of kind of nice to hear.

We have a new guy at the plant, who introduced us to a new restaurant (can't recall the name just now) ... it has the best sandwich I've ever tasted: sweet and sour. So good. Ostensibly just a turkey sandwich, but on this really sweet bread that actually has sugar granules on it (they called it egg bread, or egg roll bread?), and turkey (of course) with spicy pickles, mustard, and the rest of the works.

We've already gone three times, and it's been two weeks. That sandwich? Hella good.

Nothing much else going on, other than I am utterly exhausted and have huge dark circles under my eyes and will sleep the sleep of the utterly exhausted with huge dark circles under her eyes.

Maybe I'll make more sense tomorrow (after I sleep the sleep of ... eh, you know).

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ren fairs are fun. Especially if you can camp out overnight and then wake up to bloody mary's before starting the day's fencing.

If you were really brave you'd have someone take a video of you walking and post it. If you're brave.

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