Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Enough Time in a Day ...

Okay, so ... I'm moving.  One of the reasons I haven't been bloggerating much in such awhile.  Terrific and great things have been happening!!  For reals, people.

But also crazy-making-with-the-busy things.

So, getting the house ready for market (how serendipitous is it that the siding just got done? very, that's how) with just a shit-ton of help from Mom and Dad, without whom this whole thing would be virtually impossible.  Im. Paw. Sibb. Bull.

And training two folk at old job in taking over my duties (yeah, I think it's funny that it will take two people to do it, too!).

And learning my new job from the dude who is doing it now (while navigating the minefield that is internal politics at a new job).

And going back and forth between the two jobs in the meantime.

And having all expenses paid, but not really, because they're really reimbursed and oh-by-the-way-did-you-know-that-means-you-need-a-credit-card?

Which I do not have.  For a reason.  Which I do not want.


Then there's the truck, and the friend who got in an accident while using it last week.  Right in the middle of my needing it desperately.  The friend who hit a parked car with it.  The friend who only has liability insurance (which, to be fair, is all I have, too, so I really should just shut up).  The friend who also doesn't have the funds to pay for the relatively expensive repairs to my truck (my poor truck ... I love that thing!).

And the ... ahem, choose your own adjectve here ... insurance agent who apparently didn't understand when I told him last week to make SURE he cared for the party who's parked car was hit (all I need is some kind of lawsuit over that), since he called me today to let me know that the party is getting pretty upset her car hasn't been looked at and she's got a rental she's paying for herself.


Did I not tell you to take care of her?

"Oh, well yeah, but I thought you meant try to get friend's insurance to cover it, and I haven't been able to get her to answer her phone."

NO!!  Get it taken care of!!! 

Sheesh.  That poor so-and-so with the smashed car.  Can you imagine?  I mean really!  For crying out loud ... I'm fully covered in that respect: car repairs, rental while car is out of service, injury (thank goodness there weren't any!), the whole nine.  I can't believe this guy.

He also keeps telling me on and off that friend's insurance will pay for repairs to my truck, then no that it won't, then yes that it will, then no it won't ...


Antway, lots of travel lately, and hotel stays, and company, and trying to figure out how on Earth I accumulated so much junk?!  And does anyone want any of it?  Please?  Got a full walnut bedroom set here, and a living room set, and a butcherblock kitchen set ... it's like I have a duplicate house! 

And the books!  It is so hard to get rid of any!  I once gave my entire book collection away (to my old school) and have regretted it ever since, as I truly loved some of those books and have never been able to find replacements.

So this time around I am in full-on agita just thinking about losing some.  Although I did go through them and came up with a carton that I can (gasp!) live without.

But I can't just throw them away!  They're BOOKS!!!  We don't throw away books!!  We can't!!  So I'm thinking of dumping them in the book return at the local library.  Is that lame?  I can't tell.

I've taken photos of most of the stuff I'm not taking, to see if anyone at work wants it ... if not, I guess it's Salvation Army or something.  I mean, it's all good stuff, I'm simply downsizing.  Perhaps there's a yard sale in my future after all! 

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The Common Man said...

Get a Kindle. I got one they are awesome and can hold over 1 Billion books. Or something like that. Glad to see you are back at it.

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