Saturday, November 28, 2009

I’m Pretty Sure We Learned This From the Russians, Though

I’ll be the very first to admit I don’t follow all the nuances of international whoop-de-do, but I’m pretty sure it also doesn’t take a brainiac to clue into the obvious. So why are we staying in Afghanistan? I have shamelessly stolen from Marcus his checklist for the POTUS, whomever he or she may be at any given time, to review and sign when sending more of our youngest and potentially brightest into these untenable situations. It goes something like this:

  • This war is worth killing and maiming our best and brightest.
  • This war is worth empty place-settings at holidays and pews in Sundays.
  • This war is worth crushing families and ruining the lives of children and spouses.
  • This war is worth the murder, mayhem, and horror that my Armed Forces will have to face and commit.
  • I have exhausted all options, and this war is the only answer.
  • No one in government will be able to profit from this war.
  • I would gladly volunteer my own children to be sacrificed for our cause in this war.
  • I have served in the Armed Forces to my fullest capacity and with honor.
  • History will look back on this war as just and righteous.
  • I want to kill the enemy, ruin their country, leave families broken and battered, and bring untold misery to millions of innocent citizens.

So what was it we learned from the Russians you ask? Go research Russia's track record in Afghanistan, then get back to me.

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